[sw-l] Tested PNG and GIF in Windows 98se and XP...

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Aug 3 16:27:54 UTC 2004

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SignWriting List
August 3, 2004

Dear SW List Members!
It is very important that our SignWriting Email feature works well.
That is why I have been testing it with you.

Today I tested SignPuddle in Windows 98se, Windows XP, and also Mac
system 10 (Mac OS X)...I emailed SW messages in both PNG and GIF
formats from those operating systems to the SW List...I would like to
know if some of you cannot read them....

For me, all three operating systems had no problems with viewing PNG or
GIF. I used Internet Explorer in all three cases.

However, I know that the problems with older computers reading PNGs is
a real one. When I tested these operating systems, I was using a
sophisticated and new computer, so it will never be possible for me to
really know what SignPuddle looks like on an old computer from the
1990's...which are oftentimes in public libraries. So I understand the
problems that Tini and Charles are experiencing, and I am trying to
solve it now...

I wrote to DeafVision to ask if they could help us with GIF support for
SignPuddle, and they wrote back giving us permission to install the GIF
support ourselves, but they will not be doing it for us...So I do not
know if we can do that yet, so this is still under development,

Val ;-)

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