[sw-l] This email was sent with PNG...Can you read it?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Aug 4 13:25:23 UTC 2004

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August 4, 2004

Ingvild Roald wrote:
> Lots of HTML-code on the office computer, attachement fully readable.
> Program: FirstClass.

Hello Ingvild!
Are you saying that SignPuddle is first class? I agree! Or are you
saying that you are using email software in your office that is named
FIRSTCLASS. I have never heard of that software...

But that doesn't matter. The reason you are seeing the html code in
your email, is that the email in your office is not set up to view
graphics or html inside your email messages. It depends on the
situation. If your office lets you make changes to the preferences or
the properties, then you might be able to change the email settings to
accept html and graphics...you need to look in the email settings...

But if your office is standardized by a technician, you will need to
ask if you could change your email to accept html or graphics...not
just as attachments...but inside email messages. The problem is that
some offices have turned that off because they are afraid of spam and
unwanted advertisements...If you can show them a message in SignWriting
they might do it for you, especially if we started a Norwegian Sign
Language version of SignWriting email!

Val ;-)

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