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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Aug 4 19:47:11 UTC 2004

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August 4, 2004

Dear Adam and Everyone.
Thanks for your great messages! Please see my attached answer. Let me
explain that the sign for email in our dictionary, (and currently in
the header in SignPuddle right now), was the sign my Deaf staff used at
the DAC back in the mid-1990's, before the internet was really
popular...in fact a lot of people didn't even know what email was at
that time, so I think that is the reason they fingerspelled it
...because it was a new sign...so if the one you suggest, Adam, is more
correct for today's Deaf population, we can change that...I believe
others have said the same thing....Should we change it in the
SignPuddle header? I have another idea as to how to write the sign you
showed us in the attached and will send that in the next message...
Great to talk with you!  Val ;-)


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