Tini Pel tinipel at ONLINK.NET
Fri Aug 6 15:02:57 UTC 2004

Hello Valerie, did you sent me an e-mail yet? I am staying connected on
Internet  each time I receive SW. e-mail from now on, to try out if I can
read the Sign Writing via Puddle. Just checking
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> August 4, 2004
> Thank you, Tini, for your response. Tini is using Outlook Express with
> Windows 98... And I know Tini is having trouble reading GIFs, because I
> sent a GIF message from the old PUDL to Tini and she couldn't read the
> message...they were little squares for the graphics but not the
> graphics themselves...So...in your case, Tini, I do not believe it has
> anything to do with GIF or PNG...I believe it could be one of two
> things...
> 1. Perhaps you do not remain connected to the Internet? Maybe you
> cannot afford the money to remain connected, so as soon as you get your
> email, you disconnect? and read the messages offline?
> If that is the case, then you cannot read the graphics...they are only
> readable if you are connected to the internet...
> 2. Perhaps your email settings are not set to reading html inside an
> email message?
> So Tini, let me ask you...can you try to remain connected to the
> internet to read your email? Just do it once to test it. See if you can
> read the SW Email when you are still connected?
> I will send another message to the List now, so we can test that for
> you....
> Val ;-)

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