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Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Wed Aug 11 22:48:13 UTC 2004

Hi, Alan!  Here is what Valerie did:

1) Go to: http://signbank.org/signpuddle/SGN-US/

2) Click on link for Email

3) Fill out the form:

	From: --> put your email address there.

	To: --> put the email address of who you want to send the email to.

	Subject: --> Same as for email subject in English

	Gloss Text: --> Put what you want to type in ASL using English gloss.
The dictionary will substitute a sign for the words you type in this part.

	Signs per column: --> tell it how many signs you want in each column.

	Use Online Images: --> just leave unchecked.

	Comments: --> Anything you put here will appear after the message.

4) Once you finish filling out that form, then you have two buttons you
can press.

	a) Preview --> This will let you see what your message will look like.

	b) Send --> This will send the message to the person you told it to
send the message to.

I hope this helps.



Alan Donaldson wrote:

> hello hey !! how did u do that ? teach me this one. thanks
> alan
>     */sutton at signwriting.org/* wrote:

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