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I can load the SSS-2002 into the Libras section right now if you want.
Otherwise, I will load hand shapes from the IMWA when they are ready.

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  Will IMWA be loaded into Sign Puddle soon?  I have handshapes that dont'
exist in ASL that I want to load signs into the LIBRAS section.


  Stefan Woehrmann <stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE> wrote:
    Hello Stephen,

    I am experimenting a little bit with uploading to the German Sign
Puddle -
    (since I am really interested to get it run on my computer offline - I
    should learn as much as possible about the online SignBank - version
;-)) at

    can you please answer:

    - Will you install the finger spelling on the German Sign Puddle as
    - In Germany we use Umlauts , A, O, U - but right now the upload does
    accept that. I can help with a different spelling like ae, oe, ue but it
    difficult to work with.

    - I understand that I am supposed to upload only .png graphics - are
    other limitations - in the US - Sign Puddle there is a gigantic entry
    makes me smile . A wonderful demonstration that there are almost no
seize -
    limitations? But before Valerie or you mentioned a seize as kind of
    height - widths?

    - If I am not informed about the absolute correct spelling the program
    not translate my gloss. Can you imagine to allow to open a different
    or search routine to browse through the list of entries without losing
    contact to the email-entry? (Know what I mean?? Sorry for my English)

    - What do you think - Would it be a good idea to have the sw-list

    [sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.edu]

    as a standard in the " to whom - line" So if I would like to send the
    SW-email privately I should change that ?
    Or you can write the address next to the form so that it is easy to copy
    to paste??

    Thanks for your contribution

    Stefan ;-))

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    Betreff: [sw-l]! How to Send SW Email

    SignWriting List
    August 12, 2004

    Alan Donaldson wrote:
    > hello hey !! how did u do that ? teach me this one. thanks

    Hello Alan, Stuart and Everyone!
    Stuart gave good instructions. Here is a diagram:


    1. Go to:

    2. Click on Email.

    3. Fill out form (see below):

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