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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Thu Aug 12 17:45:24 UTC 2004

Hi Stephen,

know what - I am so grateful for your quick and long response. Thank so much
for your effort to explain all my questions. I will try to follow your
instructions and will let you know ! ;-)

Thanks again

Stefan ;-)

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Hi Stefan,

I do not think internationally.  So I've never used non-ascii characters
with Sign Puddle.

It can be possible to use special German characters with Sign Puddle.

However, special encoding and decoding will be required before it will work
properly.  I'm not sure how much work this will require.  I'll keep looking
into it and let you know.

---Uploading files---
Sign Puddle can use either png or gif for the dictionary, but not both at
the same time.  SignBank has been setup to use png for the dictionary

The max file size that can be uploaded is configured by the webserver.  I
don't know SignBank's max file size.

There are no other restrictions.  There is one guideline though.  The
underscore _ is a special character for Sign Puddle and should not be used
for sign names.  .  If underscores are used, the signs may not appear on the
search screen.  If words need to be connected for the gloss, use a dash -.
I will be changing the upload code so that underscores _ are automatically
converted to dashes -.

---Searching and Email---
The best way to search for signs while using email is to open another
window.  When you are creating an email, right-click on the Search title.
Then select Open in New Window.

If it would be helpful, I could add a search section at the bottom of the
email page.  Then users could email and search on the same page.  Let me
know what you think.

---Sending email to the list---
I do not think it would be a good idea to have the sw-list email as the
default To field.  Many users of the email feature are not on the list.
This may cause confusion.

If you want to default the To field, add one of the following addresses to
your favorites section:
sw-list for ASL

sw-list for DSL

Opening one of these links will default the To field.

---Other than that---

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions,

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Hello Stephen,

I am experimenting a little bit with uploading to the German Sign Puddle -
(since I am really interested to get it run on my computer offline - I
should learn as much as possible about the online SignBank - version ;-)) at

can you please answer:

- Will you install the finger spelling on the German Sign Puddle as well?
- In Germany we use Umlauts , A, O, U  - but right now the upload does not
accept that. I can help with a different spelling like ae, oe, ue but it is
difficult to work with.

- I understand that I am supposed to upload only .png graphics -  are there
other limitations - in the US - Sign Puddle there is a gigantic entry which
makes me smile . A wonderful demonstration that there are almost no seize -
limitations? But before Valerie or you mentioned a seize as kind of standard
height - widths?

- If I am not informed about the absolute correct spelling the program would
not translate my gloss. Can you imagine to allow to open a different window
or search routine to browse through the list of entries without losing the
contact to the email-entry? (Know what I mean?? Sorry for my English)

- What do you think - Would it be a good idea to have the sw-list address

 [sw-l at]

as a standard in the " to whom - line"  So if I would like to send the
SW-email privately I should change that ?
Or you can write the address next to the form so that it is easy to copy and
to paste??

Thanks for your contribution

Stefan ;-))

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SignWriting List
August 12, 2004

Alan Donaldson wrote:
> hello hey !! how did u do that ? teach me this one. thanks

Hello Alan, Stuart and Everyone!
Stuart gave good instructions. Here is a diagram:


1. Go to:

2. Click on Email.

3. Fill out form (see below):

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