[sw-l] IMWA version 1.0 completed...

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Sun Aug 22 15:27:42 UTC 2004


Thank you Valerie,


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>Subject: [sw-l] IMWA version 1.0 completed...
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>SignWriting List
>August 21, 2004
>Dear SW List members:
>Since we last posted messages to the List, the Valencia Community College,
>which houses our List, experienced a hurricane. The city of Orlando,
>Florida was without electricity for awhile. I do not know if our List is up
>and running again or not. If you get this message, then it is, and we are
>fortunate! I send best wishes to all those who live in Florida, for a
>speedy recovery from the hurricane...
>I am happy to tell you that I have completed version 1.0 of the
>International Movement Writing Alphabet (IMWA).
>Version 1.0 includes:
>8 Categories
>50 Groups
>450 BaseSymbols
>25,100 GIFs
>195 Handshapes
>Version 1.0 does NOT include DanceWriting and other general Movement
>Writing symbols. Those will be in version 2.0...
>The IMWA 1.0 is called the SSS-2004, because it was completed in 2004. The
>IMWA 2.0 will probably be the SSS-2005 or 2006.
>I am still preparing the large folder with all 25,100 GIFs for programmers,
>but right now, you can read a listing of all the symbols:
>SSS-2004 - The International Movement Writing Alphabet (IMWA)
>Val ;-)
>Valerie Sutton
>Sutton at SignWriting.org

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