[sw-l] Clown, white and wolf...

Fri Aug 27 00:55:15 UTC 2004

Ok, this particular instance seems like a possible use for the topdown
view. Do either of these spellings make it more clear that it is coming
from the nose?  I know in the first one the nose face is mixing two views.
 That is why I tried this other one.  I hope you don't mind my exploring
this to understand it better.



> SignWriting List
> August 26, 2004
> Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>> Well the head is shown /written  top-down view but nevertheless –
>> since there is no gap at the handshapes the palm is not facing the
>> face ;-(
> Ha! Yes. That was a good way to write it, Stuart, from the top view...I
> like that. And Stefan has a point...if you see it from the top view,
> the hands should also be from the top view...smile..I used to think
> that mixing viewpoints with hands and head were ok, but I think trying
> to keep it from the same point of view within one sign does help the
> reader definitely...
> Meanwhile, here are some writings of signs...The first is a the ASL
> sign for clown...the hand is in front of the nose...
> Second one is the sign for white in ASL and the third is one way of
> writing wolf...the hand starts in front of the nose and then moves
> forward...The ending position actually has the fingers straight towards
> the face...it looks like they are going to the side but they are not,
> because the palm of the hand is white so that means palm towards the
> body...  Val ;-)
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