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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Fri Aug 27 17:04:15 UTC 2004

Hi Valerie, and Everyone

I love to read your E-lessons! Thanks

I agree with your demonstration!!

Stefan ;-))

(Just by the way - SignPuddle is running offline on my computers !!! - can
you believe?

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SignWriting List
August 26, 2004

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> Ok, this particular instance seems like a possible use for the topdown
> view. Do either of these spellings make it more clear that it is coming
> from the nose?  I know in the first one the nose face is mixing two
> views.
>  That is why I tried this other one.  I hope you don't mind my
> exploring
> this to understand it better.

Hello Everyone, and Stuart!
Thanks for these different spellings...And I am happy to explain. See
the attached GIF. The standard way to write signs in front of the nose
is the Front View. When you see a sign with a nose on the face, you
know that the sign is relating to that nose in some even
though the hands are written over to the right of the facial circle,
the sign is still being produced in front of the nose, because of that
nose line... The moment we choose the Top View, there are a bunch of
issues. So please look at the diagram and then write again with
questions...Val ;-)

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