[sw-l] Ring Finger Handshape...01-07-003

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jul 23 22:51:17 UTC 2004

Fabulous, that will make it much easier.  I'm looking forward to when PUDL uses the IMWA for his symbol set.


Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:
SignWriting List
July 23, 2004

Charles Butler wrote...
> I've tried to illustrate what I mean as we used what you call 01-07-03
> in our book.  We constructed it deliberately to show the thumb against
> the middle of the ring finger, not at the tip of the ring finger.  Our
> construction, as published,  looked exactly like your 01-07-03. It's
> not so much "pushing up" as having the ring finger "rest" on top of
> it, pointing straight out.

Ha! Then that is 01-07-003. That is the same handshape that Hector
Devias requested before. So Colombian and Brazilian Sign Languages do
have a similar sign...

I thought you meant a closed fist where the thumb, deep underneath,
pushes the ring finger up just a little...I plan to add that one
later...I call that the Ring-Thumb-Hook...

But meanwhile, there is no pushing in 01-07-003....but the thumb is
under the Ring Finger as you have diagramed in the attached...good
drawing Charles!

> ATTACHMENT part 2 image/png name=ring-fingers.png; x-mac-type=504E4766; x-unix-mode=0644; x-mac-creator=3842494D

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