Oops nevermind .. !

Kimberley A. Shaw kshaw at WELLESLEY.EDU
Sun Jul 3 13:54:50 UTC 2005

Sorry all -- 
I clicked on July '04 instead of July '05 while trying to retrieve an
accidently-deleted message, and saw that big thread about address changes,
and a lot of new-to-me messages!! So, never mind, I think the heat is
frying my brain. New Englanders aren't used to 90-degree-F heat
I think I'll log off and go mow the lawn now while it's still morning.
Kim from Boston

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		Sunday, July 03, 2005 9:41:17 AM
From:		Kimberley A. Shaw
Subject:	I didn't get on the new SW list!
To:		sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.edu

Hello all:
just went to the SW list via the website ... and saw that there's a new
Would you please add me to it?
And Val -- I liked the way you wrote "sunrise" (and/or "sunset") the other
day ... would you please add that version to the ASL signpuddle? I like it!
Kim from Boston

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