Clin d'oeil 2005 (festival)

Katrien Van Mulders katrien_vanmulders at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jul 5 10:58:22 UTC 2005

I was in Reims this weekend with a couple of Deaf friends and had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones! The festival itself, however, was a bit disappointing at times. I thought the Norwegian Teater Manu, The Rob Roy Show, some of the short films and some of the art at the exposition were fantastic, but expected more. I'm curious what Switzerland will have to offer in two years! :-)
Kind regards,

Kasterlinden Bilinguaal <katjesaar at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

Hello Honza and list,

I wanted to be there, but my Deafclub had it's anual tournament and big party to organize. So had to be there. To bad it was the same weekend :s

I suppose it was Fantastic? 

Greetings Kathleen

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>Hi everybody,
>two days ago in Reims, France finished festival Clin d'oeil 2005 
> (festival of the Deaf theatre, 
>movies and artists).
>I forgot to ask before, so now it is quite late to ask, but anyway, 
>because we could have meet there - was someone there?
>it was fine.
>next fest will be in two years in Switzerland. ;-)
>(sorry for using list for topics which has nothing to do with SW)

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