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With several of the countries being served on this list being monarchies, what are the signs for "king, queen, prince, princess, baron, baroness, marquis, marchioness, duke, duchess" etc.
ASL has signs for King, Queen, Prince, Princess
We have, occasionally need to sign BARON, or DUKE, and they'd usually follow the initialized signs above, on first guess.
In the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group that recreates the Middle Ages (650 to 1650 AD) mostly in Europe, our interpreters (there called signing heralds), have needed signs that simply don't exist in ASL.  To keep the signs simple, we've used the crowns of the various ranks to show SCA ranks.  King, Queen, Prince, and Princess remain the same.  "DUKE" uses the strawberry leaves on the crowns of English dukes, and BARON uses the pearls on the headband, mimed with an "F" hand.  I've added these two to the SignPuddle as Duke-SCA and Baron-SCA.
 Duke-SCA  Baron-SCA
What are the signs in your countries for ranks of nobility.  Surely they are gossiped about, and not just fingerspelled (smile)?
Charles Butler

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