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July 7, 2005

By the way, the writing system that they are using at Summer  
Institute of LInguistics is mostly SignWriting...I believe they  
introduce HamNoSys in courses, but SignWriting is used quite a lot at  

For example, Steve and Dianne Parkhurst, who work in Madrid with  
Madrid Sign Language, and who have written complete novels and  
newsletters and textbooks in SignWriting are working with the Summer  
Institute of Linguistics...And this summer Stuart Thiessen is  
assisting the Parkhursts in teaching a course at the is  
going on right now...and they are learning to write Mexican Sign  
Language in SignWriting...all of the entries in the Mexican Sign  
Language SignPuddle on the web, are Stuart's and Seve and Dianne's  
students learning to add

Mexican SignPuddle

I see they have added 118 signs, Stuart...that's good!

How is the course going?

Val ;-)


On Jul 7, 2005, at 10:45 AM, Charles Butler wrote:

So how do I get a job with these folks?

Charles Butler

Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:
SignWriting List
July 7, 2005

A good friend just informed me of an article about the Summer
Institute of Linguistics and Stuart Thiessen, just published on the
web in to see your work is getting some
attention, Stuart!...Val ;-)

Here's the article:

The University of North Dakota in Grand Forks has offered a Summer
for Linguistics program for over 50 years, and this summer "the
emphasis is
on sign language," said SIL director Albert Bickford. People from 10
different countries are working at UND this summer to put the grammar of
various forms of sign language into writing. The goal of the linguistic
group is to reduce all spoken languages of the world into writing,
told the Grand Forks Herald, and that includes sign language. It's
not an
easy task -- there are more than 150 forms of sign language worldwide
-- but
it's not all work: faculty, staff and students take meals together and
socialize with volleyball, parties and camping. Graduate student Stuart
Thiessen enjoys being around people who know sign language. "This is one
place where I can tell a joke and the people will laugh," he said.

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