SignWriting in Denmark

Tomas Klapka Tomas.Klapka at RUCE.CZ
Thu Jul 7 22:49:57 UTC 2005

Hello Valerie and SW list,

I'm going to travel to Denmark at the end of August and I'd like to 
visit some school for the deaf and deaf clubs, socials...
I'm interested if there is any SW group.
Information on the SW website seems to be obsolete, because I cannot 
find anything on the Danish websites (but I don't speak danish and it is 
sometimes difficult to find something in the language I don't speak in 
google  :-/)
I don't know about anybody from Denmark here in the list. It is 
interesting because AFAIK, Val, you began work on SW because of the 
initiation of danish linguists... where are they now? ;-)

Well, if you know anything, please, let me know ;)
I don't know exactly what I am looking for... just people who can show 
me how is it with SW in Denmark to take an inspiration, etc. (and of 
course, I'm not interested only in SW but in the culture and in the 
language too ;)


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