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Tomas Klapka Tomas.Klapka at RUCE.CZ
Thu Jul 7 23:01:26 UTC 2005

Hi Valerie,

Signuno ought to be a signed esperanto (visualized esperanto) based on 
Gestuno signs and it is going to be presented in 2010.
I think it is very interesting but I really don't know what is it meaned 
to be for, because IMHO Deaf people don't need any visualized spoken 

More information about Signuno can be found on

and Gestuno


Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> July 7, 2005
> Hi Honza and Ingvild -
> We have a SignPuddle area for Signuno-Esperanto because a person from  
> France, who called him or herself Signuno, requested that we create a  
> SignPuddle for it...I believe Signuno is a new form of Gestuno? I am  
> not sure..but of course I am glad they are using SignWriting and we  
> are happy to provide a SignPuddle for it...If there are other people  
> who want a Gestuno SignPuddle, they just need to ask and we will  
> create an empty database for people to fill...  Val ;-)
> -------------------
>>  know there used to exist a Gestuno-English dictionary. I think it was
>> the British Deaf Association that made it. I do not have it, but I  have
>> seen it. Ingvild
>> I wander why there is only Gestuno-Esperanto dictionary. Why it is not
>> at least Gestuno-English-Esperanto dictionary?
>> thanks. I know nobody who uses Esperanto
>> Honza

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