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Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Fri Jul 8 13:46:24 UTC 2005

Hi Lucyna, Tomas, Val. and everybody.

ok, now I know at least two persons who use Esperanto, but that is not 
task ;-)
yes Signuno is not Gestuno.  I  agree with Tomas (you can see I wrote 
"at least Gestuno-English :-) )
Val thanks for ofering me to be editor of Gestuno dicionary, but I don't 
know it very well.

That is great idea to have multilingual Gestuno dictionary, or "global 
multilingual dictionary" but I guess it is quite difficult to create 
it.. but maybe one day...

have a nice weekend

Tomas Klapka wrote:

> Hi Honza,
> of course you know somebody and you know him personaly ;o)
> Mi parolas Esperante, sed ankaŭ mi ne komprenas kiel Gestuno estas 
> komparita al Esperanto...
> Well AFAIK Gestuno is not a language. It is just the list of signs 
> called to be international.
> It has the only thing with Esperanto and it is the purpose to help in 
> international communication. Probably because of this Gestuno and 
> Esperanto are meaned to be parallely as ASL with English, LSF with 
> French or others.
> But Gestuno is not used by people who speak Esperanto or people whose 
> majority language is Esperanto.
> If you have Gestuno dictionary with Esperanto glosses, it is useful 
> only for those who speak Esperanto.
> Because of this I understand to Honza :)
> But, Honza, on the other side I don't know why should it be 
> Gestuno-English dictionary, because I don't like an idea to give the 
> status "international language" to the English language.
> My suggestion is to have for each sign more possible glosses in 
> various languages. If I put a new sign into the dictionary I can write 
> czech gloss and I can add english, esperanto and german, because it is 
> no problem for me to translate the sign into these languages. In this 
> way the dictionary could be more rich (and cheaply ;) and people from 
> other countries can learn czech sign language even they don't know 
> czech spoken language ;)
> ĝis la revido,
> Tomas ;)
> Honza wrote:
>> Hi Val,
>> I wander why there is only Gestuno-Esperanto dictionary. Why it is 
>> not at least Gestuno-English-Esperanto dictionary?
>> thanks. I know nobody who uses Esperanto
>> Honza

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