NORWAY Smooth and Jerky Circles

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 11 19:35:09 UTC 2005

Thanks Val,

I do *not* want to make SignWritng jerky ... It is beautiful as it is, it's 
just that I do not know enough ..

So please, when you have time, can you explain to me and others how to write 
jerky motions? Like the 'signing-like-a-hearie'...


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>Subject: [sw-l] NORWAY Smooth and Jerky Circles
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>SignWriting List
>July 11, 2005
>>On Jul 7, 2005, at 12:33 PM, Ingvild Roald wrote:
>>The others are versions of  'TEGNSPRÅK','Sign Language'. To show  that 
>>the signing is done like a non-Deaf person, the movement in  the circle is 
>>broken up into smaller parts, with stops in between.  When the signing is 
>>more fluent, the hands moves in continous  circles. I have tried to write 
>>this using the different circles  that are now in the system, but I do 
>>know that this is not what hey  were  meant for...
>Hello Ingvild and Everyone!
>That is true. There is absolutely NO difference in meaning, or  difference 
>in performance, between these your two writings attached.  If you had not 
>said one was for a hearing performance of the sign, I  would never have 
>known you wanted something different.
>I can explain why, if you would like, plus I can teach you how to  write 
>the difference between a smooth and jerky circle if you would  like?...
>So your first one does not mean "smooth" and the second one does not  mean 
>"jerky"...Unless you want us to change the meaning of the  symbols, which 
>would lead to changing hundreds of documents, and make  all circles typed 
>with SignWriter DOS jerky!! Val ;-)

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