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Dear Aisha,
It is a very rewarding to see such an ambition from a student of IT.  My experiance shows that Deaf People in my country, Ethiopia, use Mobile phone very necessarily. Infact they are the people who are in authority and in the association who use it. They communicate using TEXT MESSAGE.  I think it is time killer.  I was just thinking what kind of system should be devised so that time would be effectifely used. My assumption on SMS signwriting would solve the problem.  I appreciate your effort and you let us know the stages you reached. 



Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed <kcx4aas at nottingham.edu.my> wrote:
Dear Valerie Sutton,
Guess I should re-introduce myself, my name is Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed, a
postgraduate student of the
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. I am studying for a MSc in
Information Technology.
Please could you give me some more information about Sign Writing; its
alphabets, how to
learn it etc. I would be most grateful because I think this would be
quite helpful to me as I am conducting research on SMS for the Deaf.
I believe that Sign Writing could be put to good use in SMS. 

Do you have any comments or suggestions with respect to how it could
incorporated into mobile phones? I realise that it's already been used
with computers. I intend to create a prototype of an application
that can be used for writing SMS in sign writing. 

Do you know if a Sign Writing application for mobile phones has been
done already?

Do you also know if people who have learned Sign Writing would like to
use it in mobile phones?

Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed

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