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SMS--unless it is Southern Malaysian Sign--seems to be the acronym for Short Message Statement, a shorthand of English statements specifically created for instant messaging systems over time.  Example, FYI = For your information, FBI = I'll look into it (which requires presume knowledge of English and the U.S. legal system as promulgated by television), and hundreds of other short statements, which could be tied into a "statement for statement" substitution program in SW if done as "whole statement" rather than "individual signs".
It would be certainly interesting to tie specific English short statements into their equivalents in ASL, Libras, etc., as it would be a challenge of idiom for idiom rather than word-by-word translation and would fit into some currently available translation technology.
It would not be a substitute for learning Sign Writing in its particulars, but it would certainly be a unique fast promulgation of usage if the SMS statements were tied to SW graphic equivalents (as decided by native users of those signed languages).
That would be a full-time job for anyone.

Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:
SignWriting ListJuly 14, 2005

Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed from Malaysia wrote:
Guess I should re-introduce myself, my name is Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed, a
postgraduate student of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.  I am studying for a MSc in
Information Technology. Please could you give me some more information about Sign Writing; its
alphabets, how to learn it etc. I would be most grateful because I think this would be
quite helpful to me as I am conducting research on SMS for the Deaf.
And I believe that Sign Writing could be put to good use in SMS.

WELCOME Aisha, to the SignWriting List!
We are very happy to have a List member from

I will write to the List to answer your questions soon, and to help you learn SignWriting, but I have a question for you first...What is SMS?

Val ;-)

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