MALAYSIA What is SMS? ;-)

Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed kcx4aas at NOTTINGHAM.EDU.MY
Fri Jul 15 01:23:46 UTC 2005

Thank you Tomas. You are right. It is Short Message Service used for
sending text messages via mobile phones.

>>> Tomas.Klapka at 7/15/2005 12:32:59 AM >>>
I think it is Short Message Service (cellular phone text message 
service)... which is used by czech deaf people as well ;-)

More information could be found here 


Charles Butler wrote:

> SMS--unless it is Southern Malaysian Sign--seems to be the acronym
> Short Message Statement, a shorthand of English statements 
> specifically created for instant messaging systems over time.  
> Example, FYI = For your information, FBI = I'll look into it (which 
> requires presume knowledge of English and the U.S. legal system as 
> promulgated by television), and hundreds of other short statements, 
> which could be tied into a "statement for statement" substitution 
> program in SW if done as "whole statement" rather than "individual
> It would be certainly interesting to tie specific English short 
> statements into their equivalents in ASL, Libras, etc., as it would
> a challenge of idiom for idiom rather than word-by-word translation 
> and would fit into some currently available translation technology.
> It would not be a substitute for learning Sign Writing in its 
> particulars, but it would certainly be a unique fast promulgation of

> usage if the SMS statements were tied to SW graphic equivalents (as 
> decided by native users of those signed languages).
> That would be a full-time job for anyone.
> Charles
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>>     Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed from Malaysia wrote:
>>     Guess I should re-introduce myself, my name is Aisha Shamsuna
>>     Ahmed, a
>>     postgraduate student of the University of Nottingham Malaysia
>>     Campus.  I am studying for a MSc in
>>     Information Technology. Please could you give me some more
>>     information about Sign Writing; its
>>     alphabets, how to learn it etc. I would be most grateful
>>     I think this would be
>>     quite helpful to me as I am conducting research on SMS for the
>>     And I believe that Sign Writing could be put to good use in
>     WELCOME Aisha, to the SignWriting List!
>     We are very happy to have a List member from
>     I will write to the List to answer your questions soon, and to
>     help you learn SignWriting, but I have a question for you
>     first...What is SMS?
>     Val ;-)
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