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Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed kcx4aas at NOTTINGHAM.EDU.MY
Fri Jul 15 03:19:08 UTC 2005

Hello Val,

I do apologise for the misunderstanding. I am a programmer doing
research on
software for signwriting in handheld devices, specifically mobile

I'll visit the link you provided and ask questions subsequently.  Could
I post a questionnaire on the mailing list? 
This would really help my research.

Pending that there are some questions I would like to raise and I do
hope that I can receive favourable responses
from everyone on the mailing list. These are actually the initial
questions I raised.

Do you know if a Sign Writing application for mobile phones has been
done already?

Do you also know if people who have learned Sign Writing would like to
use it in mobile phones?

Do you have any comments or suggestions with respect to how it could
incorporated into mobile phones?

Thank you very much for allowing me this opportunity to interact with
everyone on the mailing list. 
It is an honour especially knowing that I am interacting with the
Inventor of a written language.

Kind Regards,

>>> sutton at 7/15/2005 10:55:23 AM >>>
SignWriting List
July 14, 2005

> Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed wrote:
> Guess there is a bit of a misconception. I am actually not  
> Malaysian so
> I don't know the language. I also don't know Sign language so I may 

> have to learn that too. Guess
> I thought that it might be easier  for me to learn Sign Writing so  
> that I can develop the application. I
> would be willing to learn ASL or BSL.

Hello Aisha!
Yes. We did have a misunderstanding. I thought you were fluent in one 

of the many dialects of Malaysian Sign Language and that you wanted  
to learn to write your language in SignWriting.

Are you a computer programmer who wants to develop software for  
handheld devices in general?

As far as learning to read and write a sign language in SignWriting,  
usually people either know a sign language first, or they are taking  
classes in sign language and want to use SignWriting to record what  
they are learning.

So perhaps you can enroll in a sign language class at your university 

in Malaysia and then we can help you learn to write the signs you are 

learning in class?...

I cannot teach you ASL or any sign language personally...

But if you simply want information on how to develop software for  
SignWriting, then I would start on this web page and read about the  
programs currently under development and then write again with  

SignWriting Software Forum 

Val ;-)

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