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July 15, 2005

Dear SW Listers, and Stefan!
I have a NEW web posting to announce...

Stefan's excellent article about SignWriting, written in German,  
published in the Das Zeichen Journal from the University of Hamburg  
in November, 2003, has now been translated into English. Stefan and I  
shared the job of translating the article last Spring, and now  
finally we have a version of that translation on the web. It is not  
perfect, because some of the diagrams need to be placed better, but  
at least it is there for people to read, and I hope you will! It is a  
remarkable article that goes for 12 pages in the Journal...I made it  
one long web page in English for now...Thank you, Stefan, for your  
hard work!

You can link to it from our homepage:

or go directly...

English Translation, Das Zeichen Article
by Stefan Woehrmann

Stefan - I wish you all the best with your Keynote Presentation at  
the ICED Conference on Wednesday, July 20th in the Netherlands!!  
Enjoy every minute of it!

Have a wonderful trip!

PLease, Please, Please...someone take pictures of both the ICED and  
SW Symposium conferences!! We want to see all of you, and feel like  
we were there certainly will be thinking of you!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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