SignWriting on Mobile Phones

Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed kcx4aas at NOTTINGHAM.EDU.MY
Sat Jul 16 15:05:04 UTC 2005

Hello Val,
Thanks a lot for the response. I'll let you know what I can come up with. :)

Just wondering though, you mentioned a project in Malaysia. Please could you pass me the contact info of the participants and/or the project coordinators in Malaysia. And also are there any articles, journal papers etc on Sign Writing that I could include in my research. I read the article written by Stefan Wöhrmann; it would be quite useful for me. 


>>> sutton at 07/15/05 12:16 PM >>>
SignWriting List
July 14, 2005

> On Jul 14, 2005, at 8:19 PM, Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed wrote:
> I do apologise for the misunderstanding. I am a programmer doing
> research on software for signwriting in handheld devices,  
> specifically mobile
> phones.

Smile. That is ok. It was my fault because I did not know what SMS  
is...I personally do not use mobile phones. I am not Deaf myself, and  
I do not travel. So I do not know the terminology of the mobile phone  

The mobile phone that seems to be popular in the US is called a  
SideKick...You can see it on this web page:

Harris Communications

Harris Communications is a Deaf-owned distributor of Deaf technology  
and publications...

> I'll visit the link you provided and ask questions subsequently.   
> Could
> I post a questionnaire on the mailing list?
> This would really help my research.

Sure. Go right ahead.

> Pending that there are some questions I would like to raise and I do
> hope that I can receive favourable responses
> from everyone on the mailing list. These are actually the initial
> questions I raised.
> Do you know if a Sign Writing application for mobile phones has been
> done already?

There are several programmers who have been interested in the  
past...Steve Slevinski and Dr. Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa, to name  

> Do you also know if people who have learned Sign Writing would like to
> use it in mobile phones?

Those Deaf people who use the SideKick would love to have SignPuddle  
on the SideKick...that is why SignPuddle developer Steve Slevinski is  
interested in developing SignPuddle for the SideKick...


> Do you have any comments or suggestions with respect to how it could
> be
> incorporated into mobile phones?

I would suggest that you ask others, as I personally will not be  
involved with that write to Steve and post questions  
to the List...a lot of List members are traveling right now, so be  
patient as they all come back from vacation...

> Thank you very much for allowing me this opportunity to interact with
> everyone on the mailing list.

Our pleasure! I hope it is useful to you, and if good mobile  
SignWriting communication would be possible...that will be a blessing  
for us I am sure...

> It is an honour especially knowing that I am interacting with the
> Inventor of a written language.

Thank you, Aisha!

You might want to also write to Dr. Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa in  
Brazil, who was working on some mobile work at one point I  
believe...You can find his email and address in the SignWriting  
Software Forum under the SWML link...

Best of luck with your project!

Val ;-)

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