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Sat Jul 16 23:58:21 UTC 2005

I think #3 is the easiest to read, as it parallels what you've done with "BECOME" or "CHANGE" in ASL Because the handshapes change, you have to put both positions, but the movement is the very much related. 

Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:
SignWriting List
July 16, 2005

Hello Everyone, and Adam, Stuart, Charles...
The sign for New Zealand Sign Language is not that easy to write, but 
I have now placed three versions in the New Zealand SignPuddle. From 
now on, I am going to try to place the simplest SignSpelling first, 
and the most detailed last, in the dictionary entries.

If someone knows the sign already, I believe that the first spelling 
here will be understandable...Notice the second one just added arm 
lines to clarify which hand was on top of which...and the third sign 
has the same movement-configuration as the sign for Translate in ASL...

Comments? ;-)

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