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July 17, 2005

Hello Everyone, Bill, Adam, Charles!
Thanks for adding the detailed spelling as number 2, Charles! This  
way we have a simple and a detailed spelling. I like that!

You asked about the writing of the detailed spelling. It looks very  
nice! I like the way you placed the movement cluster between the  
beginning and ending positions. Thank you, Charles, for your kind  
words about the fact that we can write detailed if we wish!

To answer your query...I wrote the sign for a third time...see my  
number 3 in the attached diagram...This is a very hard sign...

Bill has a point. The Rub symbol automatically means that the two  
limbs or hands are touching, so the Touch Contact is redundant, so I  
took those out. And I kept the detail that Adam wrote, showing the  
darker arm line of the arm that is on top...And since the right hand  
is on top of the left, I put the right hand's movement arrow on top  
of the movement-symbol-cluster to show that it is the top  
movement...The right arrow is painting the path of the curve of the  
thumb of the right hand as the arm twists in the air, and the left  
arrow is showing the path of the baby finger of the left hand, as it  
curves in the air...

Isn't it amazing how much detail there is, to such a sign? smile...  
See attached...

I need to go on, now, to answer Ingvild's question about smooth and  
jerky circles... That will be my next message...

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