Ethiopian Manual Alphabet(EMA)

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Tue Jul 19 17:38:23 UTC 2005

Valerie and Esayu,
Number 4 in your list, and number 6 in your list I am not sure of.
  This is the index finger on a fist.  The thumb is over the third finger (like a fist)   This is the index finger with the thumb next to the index finger (like a pistol)   This is the index finger and middle finger on a fist (thumb touches ring finger)  This is the closest variant I can find on index and middle with the thumb to the side, but it sticks out.  I'm not sure whether the shape above should have it as a "variant" or this one. Charles  .  

Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:
SignWriting List
July 19, 2005

> Eyasu tamene from Ethiopia wrote:
> I have tried to sign write some of the alphabets of Ethiopians. I 
> assumed some of them are not to be found in the sign puddle. Would 
> you give your sinceare comments?

Hello Everyone and Eyasu!
This is great to see some SignWriting symbols next to the pictures, 

Are you happy with the symbols you have chosen for these hand 
positions? Do you think that other Ethiopian signers would know what 
you are writing, without the pictures? If so, then why not add those 
to your Ethiopian SignPuddle? I added your first one to the Ethiopian 
SignPuddle already, as you know, using the name U1..Have you seen 
that one in your puddle?...Was that the way you wanted it named...U1?...

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