Hello to all...I'm new to this list...

Antony Daamen adaamen at OPTUSNET.COM.AU
Sat Jul 23 00:20:34 UTC 2005

Hi Adam,
I am very pleased to meet you! I am Antony Daamen from Queensland Australia.
I am in agreement with most of what you are saying. Just one thing, I think
that there will always be a need for interpreters. I am an interpreter, and
I wish my services would be obsolete, but I think that writing notes either
SW or English is a very poor substitute for the smooth (or smoother)
communication possible with an interpreter.
I do agree that no-one can "take over" a language. I am from Holland
(Netherlands for those that like to be precise), and moved to Australia. I
have a Dutch accent, but speak fluent English. Did I take over English? No,
it is a means of comunicating, like Auslan (Australian Sign Language)
tactile Signing for the blind Deaf or whatever. Sign English -educated
Deafpeople sign different then children of Deaf adults, who sign different
then those taught orally and later learned Sign. Non of these take over a
language. They just want to communicate!
Sorry for my ramblings,
Again pleased to meet you Adam, and I will keep your email, as an example of
the benefits of SW

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