Starting to create IWMA symbols in SVG

Trevor Jenkins trevor.jenkins at SUNEIDESIS.COM
Mon Jul 25 17:59:28 UTC 2005

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:

> Many thanks for explaining your schedule, Trevor - You are right.
> Your and my schedule work well together! That makes me feel a little
> more relaxed thanks for telling me!

Actually I suspect that there is nearly as much work producing SVG files
as there is in creating the original PNGs. Probably means I have to be
very relaxed with this project.

> And I hope you enjoyed the SignWriting Symposium? ...

It was great fun. Especially meeting champions of SignWriting like Stefan
Wöhrmann and Ingvild Roald plus all the others working selflessly to
promote the use of SignWriting in education, research, publishing and
professional development.

> ... I understand you were the moderator for the computer program
> session? Thanks for doing that...I believe there were two
> presentations...SignWriter Python by Lars Majewski and SignWriter Tiger
> by Daniel

Daniel and Lars gave their presentations during plenary sessions, which
Shane and Kathleen led. I led the afternoon computer workshops; hope to
have a brief report ready tomorrow.

> Sorry I couldn't see you by videophone...You all could see me, but I
> could not see you...everyone was a blur because you all were sitting
> far away from the camera lens...I could only see someone closer to
> the camera...

Most of the time that was Mindy, one of our very hard-working

> ... next time I hope to do one-on-one meetings with people by
> videophone...

Pity you couldn't have watched the individual introductions but those took
place later --- well past your bed time.

> ... but it was still great that we tried that experiment and it
> is really a miracle, when you consider it is not connected to any
> computer, just through broadband...and I was sitting on the other side
> of the globe and we were communicating! Val ;-)

The videophone worked well. Attendees didn't know that you were going to
talk to us all until the lat moment; we kept that secret.

Regards, Trevor

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