Verb changes in ASL

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Fri Jul 29 05:50:15 UTC 2005

I was doing some work for one of my classes and I realized I wasn't 
sure how to write some movement changes on some of the verbs and some 
mouth movements.

1) How do you write tongue movements like flicks and so forth?

2) ASL has 2 "circular" motions that are not available in the IMWA at 
this time. One is an elliptical circle that repeats. It is used to 
change the verb to continuous aspect.  The other is an "upside-down D" 
shape. It represents a tense production of the sign and then a slow 
return to the onset of the sign. So for signs that move outward, it 
forms a "D" shape with the straight portion of the D being the floor 
plane and the curved portion going under the floor. Am I right that we 
don't have this, or what combination of existing symbols would be best 
for these?



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