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July 29, 2005

> Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> Hi Eyasu,
> I am sorry I could not understand your question. Can you explain ?
> --------------------------

Hello Eyasu and Stefan!
Let me try to help. The photos that Stefan showed us, Eyasu, were the  
people on the Organizing Committee for the SignWriting Symposium. We  
all worked together as a team to organize the event. The actual  
Symposium had around 36 participants, plus myself on videophone....So  
there were 37 participants total (I believe). It would be great to  
have photos of all 37! Some people have sent me photos they took  
during the event, and I hope to receive more plus written reports  
from different participants, and I am planning to create a web page  
with those photos and reports from the participants in August...

Regarding publishing the proceedings of the Symposium...The Symposium  
did not require all the presenters to write an abstract for a paper,  
and then a longer paper, like larger conferences require. That is for  
more formal conferences, like the large Deaf Education conference  
that happened in Maastricht, Netherlands, right before our Symposium.  
That larger conference in the Netherlands will probably gather all  
the papers presented at their conference and publish them in a thick  
book so that the participants and other researchers can read the  
proceedings...but our Symposium did not ask for written papers, so we  
cannot publish the proceedings in that standard way...instead, we can  
create web articles about the proceedings and if some of the  
participants want to send me a summary of what they presented, I will  
be happy to add that to our web page about the Symposium, which  
should be ready sometime in August -

I hope that answered the questions!

Thanks for adding my more recent photo, Stefan, and for the  
description of everyone's sign-names!

Val ;-)

> Betreff: Re: [sw-l] ESWO
>  Dear Stefan,
>  It is nice to see all the participants. Thank you for your effort.  
> How will it be possible to get the proceeding or the participants'  
> presentation in a printed material?
> Thanks
> Eyasu

Stefan Wöhrmann <stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE> wrote:

Dear sw- list members,

the first European SignWriting Symosium has happened a week ago -

a pretty interesting meeting. We can learn from that for the future ---

It would be interesting to have a document with all the participants and
their sign names -

at least a nice start to exchange signs written in SignWriting -

Who has got a list with all the names and email addresses?

Attached you find a document with the members of the eswo - team

You like it?

All the best

Stefan ;-)

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