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Behind Brigit (u hardly see her face) is Sandrine Schwartz a PhD candidate
at Universite Paris 8 under Cuxac, a famous sign linguist - and beside her,
is the guy from the Toulouse Bilingual School Project or something like that
- I cant recall - and beside him is the tall Damien from the PROFILS project
at Marie Haps, a research centre at Free University of Brussels.

Think Sandrine will introduce herself later on.


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> Hello Lucyna in Poland!
> Great pictures of you, and here is one taken by Stefan at the
> added the SignWriting...
> Happy to meet you face to face!
> Now I am not sure who the other people are?...
> If we are reading left to right, the caption should read:
> Lucyna Dlugolecka from Poland, Birgit Jacobsen from Germany
> (publisher of Stefan's new textbook on SignWriting)...
> ....and who are the other three people? smile....

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