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Antony Daamen adaamen at OPTUSNET.COM.AU
Sun Jul 31 23:26:20 UTC 2005

Hi all of you who went to the ESWO.
how exciting it must be for you all! I am very happy that I can put a face
to the names.
Stephan, you look a little similar to me: skinny, balding in a similar way,
etc. I am 43 and not quite as grey as you are! You also have the habit of
saying: "understand?". The Deaf here find that sometimes demeaning, so I
changed it to "clear?"!
My singname is "Dutchy" , coming from Holland this was given to me by the
Auslan teacher. 
I am also called "Ant", I always end my SMS messages with Ant, short for
Antony. However, I am also very active (crazy ant!),, so in that context 
Ant" is also appropriate!
The signname Ant is actually taking over now...
Good to meet you all!
Ant !!
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From: Valerie Sutton
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SignWriting List 
July 31, 2005
Shane Gilchrist Ó hEorpa wrote: 
I notice that my sign-name is complicated to write - but then again im a
complicated person anyway...i wont be from Belfast if im not complicated ;-)
Hello Shane, Stefan and Everyone -
Stefan wrote each sign-name with detail...very accurate and with feeling!
Well done! I enjoyed reading the feeling behind the movements...
But for everyday use, there is an easier, faster-to-write-by-hand spelling
of your sign-name, Shane. Would you like me to write that for you? it will
be good to sign all your mail with your sign-name written in SignWriting.
That is a good way to learn to write by hand.
Did you take any materials home from the Symposium?...What materials do you
have now? Val ;-)

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