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see below - why not you give a paper on SW at this conference - it ll
be taken place at La Jolla :-)



Below is the call for papers for the CUNY conference with the special
session on the psycholinguistics of signed languages to be held in
San Diego In March, 2007.  Note that for the sign language special
session, psycholinguistic research is not limited to sentence

It looks like it's going to be a great venue and meeting -  I hope
that many of you working on psycholinguistic projects will be able to
submit a paper and/or attend!


Karen Emmorey



The 20th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing will be
hosted by the Center for Research in Language at the University of
California, San Diego.  The conference will be held at the Museum of
Contemporary Art of San Diego, in La Jolla.  (Please note that the
MCASD has two locations, one in downtown San Diego, one in La Jolla;
the conference will be held at the La Jolla location).  The dates of
the conference are March 29-31, 2007.  Abstracts are solicited for
papers and posters presenting theoretical, experimental, and/or
computational research on any aspect of human sentence processing.
Abstracts will be reviewed anonymously, and will be considered both
for the general conference sessions and for a special session under
the theme "The Psycholinguistics of Signed and Spoken Language" (see

Accepted presentations will form a program made up of three days of
spoken papers presented in plenary session, and three poster sessions
(one on each day of the conference). Time constraints entail that
fewer than 20% of accepted presentations can be given as talks at the
podium. Therefore, reviewers will be asked to identify submissions
that seem most likely to generate broad interest due to originality
of ideas or significance to the field.


This deadline applies to all submissions, paper or poster, special
session or regular session. Notifications concerning acceptance/
rejection will be made by mid-January 2007.


The text of the abstract should be no longer than 500 words. You may
also include examples, references and data summaries (but please, no
data charts or diagrams). This additional material, taken together,
should not exceed 15 lines of text.

Abstracts will be submitted electronically. The submissions system is
presently under construction, but will be available soon at the
conference website:


"The Psycholinguistics of Signed and Spoken Languages."

CUNY 2007 will include a special session that aims to bring together
insights from signed and spoken language research to shed light on
fundamental issues in language processing, including the extent to
which language learning, processing, and representation are modality
independent or modality dependent; the degree to which the inherent
and emergent differences between signed and spoken languages affect
basic processing strategies of the two language types; whether the
differences between signed and spoken languages lead to corresponding
differences in the neural organization of language; and how the
sometimes atypical patterns of language exposure that arise in some
sign-language communities affects language learning and language
representation.  Submitted abstracts that describe research on signed
and/or spoken language that is broadly relevant to the above
described themes will be given special consideration during the
review and selection process.  If you or your colleagues are
conducting research that can contribute to the special session, we
encourage you to consider this venue and its deadlines for submitting
and presenting your research.

Invited speakers:
David Corina (University of California, Davis)
Karen Emmorey (San Diego State University and UCSD)
Diane Lillo-Martin (University of Connecticut and Haskins Lab)
Rachel Mayberry (UCSD)
Gabriella Vigliocco (University College, London).

Most sincerely,

The faculty, staff, and students at the Center for Research in
Language, University of California, San Diego

Conference email: sentproc at
Conference website:

19th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing
Conference email: sentproc at
Conference website:

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