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Sat Oct 21 05:11:25 UTC 2006

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October 20, 2006

Hello Stuart!
Many thanks for this message...

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> I was looking in the dictionary for the ASL 25. I noticed that it  
> was written differently than how I typically sign it. When I went  
> to write my version, I couldn't find the handshape I was looking  
> for. It is basically the L handshape in ASL but instead of the  
> fist, the middle, ring, and pinky project forward from the base  
> knuckles as a unit. Another way to describe it is a hinge hand with  
> the index finger pointed up. I was looking under the "9" category.  
> Is that the right place to be looking for this handshape?

Yes. You are right. There are people who definitely sign the sign for  
25 with that handshape, and it should be located in the 9 Hand Group,  
so you looked in the correct place but it is not are right!

It needs to be added to the IMWA ;-) sigh....time time ;-)

> I was thinking it would look something like this ... Is that  
> correct? If this is right, then I would write 25 like this  
> probably. I am not sure on the hand orientation though ... if it  
> should be facing forward or to the side.

Yes...You wrote it well...notice my second version which places the  
Finger Movement closer to the fingers that are moving...

But your instincts are excellent ;-)

Val ;-)

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