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Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Thu Oct 26 15:01:01 UTC 2006

SignWriting List
October 26, 2006

On Oct 26, 2006, at 5:40 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:
> The limit was a trade off so that SignText could be used offline.   
> I am working on a solution so that documents of any size can be  
> created.  I'll keep you posted...

Until that day, we already have a great way to create long  
documents...You write one sentence at a time, bookmark all the  
sentences, and then create a PDF, putting all the sentences together  
into one loooooong PDF document..

So we can do it already...

The SWML part is a little harder than everyone may want to do, so of  
course future software development will make it even better, but I  
know Stefan can learn how to paste the SWML together for now, and it  
works! The PDF flows each sentence one after the other into one  
smooth big document...

Another technique, Stefan, is to use the Columns feature to export  
the columns as graphics files, and then create a long document in  
another program such as Word or pasting the Columns  
into a layout page...

Thanks for all you are doing, Steve!

We are very lucky you are here working with us -

Val ;-)

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