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I have just asked Val that last night (and she is taking a nap at the moment which is much needed), so I will try my best to answer. SignSpelling is the order in which the symbols in the sign are ordered. The reason that this is important is so that you know which symbol has the most importance so that you know how to order the signs with an alphabetization order for a dictionary. In English, this is done very easily because the letters are written one after the other, where as SignWriting has the symbols clustered. 
I know that what I had just said is a little comfusing, so I will use English to show you what I mean. The English Spelling order for the word house is h o u s e. This means that when you alphabetize this word with a word like hose, house will follow and not come before because the first two letters are the same, but the third letter in the spelling order is s and u. 
So in SignWriting, we have the alphabetization order which is the IMWA.  But because we don't write linear, we need to have the SignSpellingSequence so that we can place an order of importance to each symbol so that we can have a dictionary with an ASL look-up. Right now in SignPuddle, there is no search for signs in this way, but I have a feeling that Steve might have plans for that after his much needed vacation. :-) However, because SignPuddle 1.5 exports to SignBank which can search in that way, it is a great tool to have right now. 
Now the issue of how to order things for SSS, Val does have it documented on the web, but because of what she and I have talked about, we have found that it needs to be updated. If you want, I can explain the best I can how to order symbols in SSS. 

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Dear Val

could you explain to me what SignSpelling Sequence should be used for ?
I've never used it and don't know how I should use it and what for

thanks for your help


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