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That is true. SignPuddle 1.5 is very stable. I have been greatly impressed with it. I love it. You deserve that vacation. Enjoy it. :-)
About giving the info about the operating system and web browser with version numbers for troubleshooting, I will try to remember that information to help you out next time. :-)



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Hi Adam and list,
 I agree that Firefox does offer the best performance for SignPuddle, especially with SignMaker and SignText.  However, SignPuddle should be cross browser compatible and I'll gladly look into any issue of compatibility.  I have a Mac and Windows XP for testing.  
 If there are problems, it does help if you tell me the operating system and web browser, including the version numbers.
 Just recently, I couldn't reproduce a SignText problem because I was using Firefox 1.5, and there was only a problem for Firefox 2.  Once I used the right version of Firefox, I was able to reproduce the problem and subsequently fix it.  
 Overall, SignPuddle 1.5 has been very stable and I intend to keep it that way.  I'm working on better documentation and I'm going to redo my websites using SignPuddle 1.5.  It's a fun and interesting time.
 Adam Frost wrote: I am so glad that you were able to find out what the problem. The reason Val asked if you were using Firefox is because SignPuddle was developed specifically for Firefox. This also makes it easier to know that the browser being used by me and you and Val and Steve and anybody else are all the same. It eliminates a lot of variables for troubleshooting like these. So this is a comment for all SignPuddle users. If you are not using Firefox for SignPuddle, PLEASE use it. It is free to download and works the same on Mac and PC. In fact there is a new update for Firefox right now. Firefox 2.0 can be downloaded at  <>
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Le 3 avr. 07 à 23:56, Valerie Sutton a écrit : 
SignWriting List 
April 3, 2007 

On Apr 3, 2007, at 2:36 PM, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote: 
I had 2 versions of the sign /INVENTER/ and wanted to erase the second (I've write it again just now so you can try) 

Hello Anny! 
Isn't this fun?! smile... 

Adam and I really enjoyed visiting your site in French and French-Swiss signs! Nicely done ;-)) thanks!! it's not all translated yet.... but it 's so great for my deaf friend who don't know english to have all the buttons in french!! teve made a great improvment here! 

While I remember...what is the abbreviation for French Swiss Sign Language? French Sign Language is French-Swiss Sign Language LSFS? smile the abbreviation is LSF (even though we don't share the same sign language with France it got the same name!!)

Anyway, I sucessfully deleted the second version of the sign for INVENTER, and then after I pushed the delete (effacer) button twice...once over to the right, and the second time up at the top, and it said: Entry deleted. Then I Search by Words again, and searched for INVENTER and found just one there. Here is the screen capture... sorry for all these messages... thansk Val and Steve for your help and different answers. I couldn't figure out why it wouod disappeared.... I finally understood why (thanks for the explanation!!) 

Are you seeing this? Are you using Firefox? I'm using SAFARI but see the same! 

Thanks again for your help! 




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