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So far, I have been the only person putting in Libras signs in Version 1.5 so I am the default editor.  I do need to sign in so that when you change, I can still get on.
  For all of you non-English editors out there with Indo-European languages, where the endings of words change, but the sign essentially remains the same, I have started using the extra cells for conjugations so that, for example:
  me gostou cachorro quente - (I like hot dogs) had to be written
  eu (I)
  gostar (the verb)
  cachorro-quente (to make sure it wasn't misinterpreted as a dog that is sweating.
  I changed the "eu" list to include eu, and me (reflexive) as Portuguese has reflexive verbs me gostar (literally "I please myself with")
I changed the "gostar" list to include "gostou" (present tense first person singular)
  So now "me gostou cachorro-quente will actually translate properly
Steve Slevinski <slevin at> wrote:
  Hi Charles,

The TEXT field is one of my favorite features because you can use Markdown instead of plan text.

"Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML)."

Take a look at the example i put in the Libras puddle.

Glad you like the multiple terms.  Very useful.

As for synonym signs, I'm still pondering what to do.  There are 3 different types of signs that I need to cross reference.  The first is the same exact sign with a different spelling; such as more detailed versus less: a variant.  The second type is almost the exact same sign: a variation.  The last is a sign that has the same meaning but a different manual representation: a synonym.  Still pondering how to represent this with the data and how the user interface should work.

BTW, you shouldn't be able to edit or delete any signs without logging in as an editors.  This is a problem with security on SignBank's server that I need to fix.  When I fix it you will only be able to edit new signs that you create.  If you register, I'll bump up your security to an editor's level so you can continue your work.


Charles Butler wrote:     Cool.  I have been able to delete the BLANK signs.  There are words there, but no signs at all.  Most often there is a word, and then several other signs that are X-1, X-2.  Is that deliberate?  Or, when I am entering a new definition, should change the title of the first one for reference as X-1.  There are a number of regional signs in Brazil, there are five words for Mother that I know of.  
  Query about TEXT.  Is this for the definition, so that I can write out full usage in spoken Language? The cross-referenced terms are a great feature.

Adam Frost <icemandeaf at> wrote:
  Blank signs. Hmm... I will have to look more into that one, or maybe someone else will be able to help you on that one. About the spelling sequence, it is not automatic because we are still experimenting the effect that it has on big dictionaries. So, what you are seeing is not the spelling sequence, but all of the symbols used in the sign. The are in no particular order. To place the spelling sequence data in, click on the symbol that would be first. Then you will see a second column that will appear with that symbol next to it as well as an "Add to dictionary" link next to that, and the symbol that you just click will gray out. Continue this process until you have the order that you'd like. Then click on the "Add to dictionary" link, and you have a sign with the sign spelling sequence data with it. 


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Query, I noticed that a number of the signs in the Brazilian sign puddle 1.5 had no signs in them.  When I tried to delete the entries, nothing happened.  They continued to be there, even with refresh. 
In addition, in Firefox, I tried to view many of the sign spellings and the graphics were out of place or not broken out.  How do I fix that? 
Charles Butler 

Valerie Sutton wrote: SignWriting List
April 3, 2007

Hello Everyone -

All teaching methods have a good and bad side!

The good side to video instruction is that no spoken or signed 
language is necessary, to show people how to do a computer 
task...which means that for people who can see well, it is an 
excellent way to learn...And then later, no translation is necessary 
into other languages too. Plus it is very fast for me to create the 
video clips...quite easy actually...

So that is why I created 32 Instruction Videos showing how I work 
with SignPuddle 1.5:

SignPuddle 1.5 Video Instruction

And I hope you all have watched them if you can...

The bad side to video instruction is that for the Blind, and Deaf- 
Blind, the videos are impossible to view...but if I understand it 
correctly, written books are usable by the Blind in different ways...

So I was just informed by one of our list members who is Deaf-Blind, 
that the Video Instruction has left them without a Reference Manual 
to read!

So I will write a Reference Manual for SignPuddle 1.5 in the next few will be similar to the SignText Reference Manual 
1.0...just adjusted for the new features in SignPuddle it 
should not be too much work...

I will inform you all when it is

Meanwhile, if you all ask questions to the List, that might help you 
get started even without a manual...

Val ;-)

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