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This is just a shot in the dark, but is it possible that europa was a graphic only while europau_1 was not and the graphic was not brought over? I will do some looking at it. 



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Situation, I have a sign in the puddle Portuguse list as: 
europa (there is only the word there, no sign displays) 
europa-1 (there is a sign there)  
was there originally a non-IMWA sign in the europa list (or an earlier version) and now the europa-1 sign is the only one that was pushed over from 1.0 to 1.5? 

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Cool.  I have been able to delete the BLANK signs.  There are words there, but no signs at all.  Most often there is a word, and then several other signs that are X-1, X-2.  Is that deliberate?  Or, when I am entering a new definition, should change the title of the first one for reference as X-1.  There are a number of regional signs in Brazil, there are five words for Mother that I know of.   

I am not sure what you are referring to. I think that you are confusing me with the X-1 and X-2. Are these signs?

Query about TEXT.  Is this for the definition, so that I can write out full usage in spoken Language? The cross-referenced terms are a great feature. 

Yes, that is a great use of TEXT. Here you can place the spoken language information that you wish about the sign.



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