A new era

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There are a lot of things. The problem is that I don't know what everyone knows and doesn't know. But I will be more than glad to give support as issues come up. One of the main reasons I visited Val was so that she could teach me one on one. Val and I both hope that I will be able to learn and be skilled enough to be a "traveling teacher" and teach workshops because we all know that traveling is hard on her now. I could try my best to also help online, but I now see that the one on one face to face is truely the best way. My best suggestion would be, if face to face is not possible, is to send writings to the list, then I will be able to give feedback, and with Steve and Val's great work with SignPuddle and SignMail as well as other areas, that is very possible. :-)
Now, if anyone has a video phone or even a skype, we can coordinate a time to do a face to face. To be honest, that is the best way because ASL is my native language and I am very visual. 

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Adam Frost wrote: I feel so lucky. This past weekend and the beginning half of this week 
 I am with Val. She has been teaching me all of the improvements that 
 Steve has done with SignPuddle. Wow! He has done such a wonderful job. 
 Now Val and I are working together and I am asking all sorts of 
 questions about the SignWriting system that have either been vague or 
 confusing for me. Adam,
     That is really great!!  Now you will be able share all of that lovely information with the rest of us when Val is busy on other projects.  Is there anything in particular that you have found interesting or could be of benefit for the rest of us sign writers?
     Congratulations on being part of the DAC. 
 I am even more excited now because she has invited 
 me to be a member of the DAC. She and I have talked about what my job 
 will be. Needless to say, I am very excited to work more closely to 
 make my dream of having my language be a written language with a 
 library of literary works. Just thought that I'd drop a quick note to 
 the list so that you know what is going on (and maybe why Val seems 
 quiet because she and I are working a lot behind the scenes. ;-) 

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