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April 5, 2007

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod from French-Switzerland wrote:
> for some signs I'me just not sure for example when there are  
> different symbols  like in this sign /ATTIRANCE/ (see the video on  
> PISourd …

Hello Anny!
Thanks for this question.

Look in your French-Swiss SignPuddle 1.5 dictionary. You will find my  
writing of the sign for ATTIRANCE, based on the video link you  
gave ...And you will also see my choice of SignSpelling Sequence. See  
attached diagram...

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In SignSpellings, the Handshapes come first, and the Movement comes  

Inside the Movement group of symbols, the sequence is based on the  
real sequence in time...what moves first, second and third?

In this instance, I feel the Finger Movement comes first, and then  
the hands start moving. The timing (same-time line that connects  
them) is written at the end of the Movement Syllable (group of  
movement symbols)...

I chose a different is more commonly written with the  
bent five, rather than the spread cup...but you can change it in your  
SignPuddle if you wish ;-))

And I generally write the Finger Movements close to the fingers if  
possible...sometimes you cannot fit the symbols closer to the  
fingers, and in those cases you can write the Finger Movements over  
the arrows, but in this case they fit!

Hope this helps...

Val ;-)

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