Swiss names of signed languages...

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod acpg at VTXNET.CH
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I'll asked the persons concerned (Penny in german part of  
Switzerland) Tiziana in swiss italian
and I'll let you know

> SignWriting List
> April 5, 2007
> Hi Anny!
> Regarding the names of the languages in Switzerland...what are the  
> names of Italian Swiss Sign Language and German Swiss Sign  
> Language? I mean the abbreviated letters that people use, like LSF  
> etc...?
> Here are the icons I am trying to fix for SignPuddle...are you  
> happy with LSF Dictionnaire?
I'd rather have "Dictionnaire Suisse romand"
> Do you want an LSF Littérature puddle too? I can create one for you...
why not... but I have no litterature at all to put in right now...  
want to do some... but don't have much time!

> <Picture 7.png>

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