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April 8, 2007

Hello Intissar!
Thank you for this question...

> Please I need your help about swml.
> I have a question and I hope you answer me.
> I want to know how I can determine starting from the swml code
> (example: 02-02-004-01-01-01) if the movement of the fingers relate to
> the right hand or the left hand.
>  Is what my reasoning is right?
> Im waiting for your answer.

The question is about Finger Movement Symbols....

Black and white arrowheads mean right and left movement, but in this  
case, these are not arrowheads, but dots.

The dots represent movement from the Finger Middle Joint. The black  
dot and white dot do not mean right and left. They mean opening or  
closing of the Middle Joint...Here is a diagram (scroll down):

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