SSS for shoulder and hip movements

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I will HAVE to get a Webcam just for the occasion.  By now I should have dressed up as her at least once.  I'm thinking the Wicked Witch of the West's classic pose after "be careful someone may drop a house on you" would work for a name sign.  

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I was hoping to see YOU do the dance, actually...  >:-) 

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I am sorry, but I don't have a video for this.  She shrugs one shoulder and one hip down while one hand is up and one hand is down, and then switches sides. 
I got this sign from Marianne Stumpf when I was in Brasil in 2000.  It was so spectacular I had to write it down. 
Charles Butler 

Cherie Wren <cwterp at YAHOO.COM> wrote: 
Can we see the video for that please?  ::grin::


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Here is my stab at Carmen Miranda for SSS.   
Carmen-Miranda   Carmen Miranda dancing             


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