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Wed Apr 11 20:22:00 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
April 11, 2007

Dear SW List!
Anny from French-Switzerland has a big project of writing lots of  
signs from videos. We do not have permission to share the videos with  
you, but we can share the writing of signs and we will do our best to  
explain what is going on with each

So in the next few messages I (and possibly Adam) will be posting  
different ways of writing some of the signs that Anny mentions look for the next will be interesting!

Adam - I am going to prepare an email focusing on Fête next...want to  
take the second one yourself? I will comment on the signs every-other- video necessary...

So the sign for Fête is coming next message...Val ;-)


On Apr 8, 2007, at 2:49 PM, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:

> Val
> if you have time... would you give a look to this video.... of the  
> following signs... (9 signs for the journal Fais-Moi Signe (FMS) of  
> may). The last sign /EXPOSITION/ won't be used.... and was replaced  
> by another one called /grillades/ ("barbecue" in english I guess)
>> Fête
>> Centre culturel des sourds
>> Inauguration
>> Rénovation
>> Fondation
>> Foyer
>> Salles polyvalents
>> Théâtre
> I've written them on Puddle 1.5.... (these are the last signs I  
> worked on... you can all find them on "FMS5)
> I really need your help on the 7th ... for the sign "salle  
> polyvalente"... I separated the two signs included in it /SALLE/  
> and /différent/
> I would really appreciate to have your opinion on how I wrote the  
> signs!!
> Thanks
> ANny
> PS sorry.. I'm not sure if I have permission to post the video on  
> the list.... I didn't get in touch with the signer..... that's the  
> reason why I send it to you personnaly and not to the list!
> Début du message réexpédié :
>> De : "Leuzinger Martine" <mlm8 at>
>> Date : 8 avril 2007 22:39:45 GMT+02:00
>> À : "Anne-Claude Prelaz" <acpg at>
>> Objet : Fw: mini dico du mois de mai
>> Thème: Centre culturel des sourds
>> Fête
>> Centre culturel des sourds
>> Inauguration
>> Rénovation
>> Fondation
>> Foyer
>> Salles polyvalents
>> Théâtre
>> Grillade
>> Tu peux voir la vidéo .mov en pièce jointe
>> Délai: 15 avril 2007
>> Amicalement
>> Pierrot
> <PICT0002.MOV>
> Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod
> ruelle des chambres chaudes 1
> 1271 Givrins
> Tel ++41/22.362.52.37
> Fax ++41/22.362.52.66
> mail: acpg at

Val ;-)

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