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April 11, 2007

On Apr 11, 2007, at 12:38 AM, Pharos wrote:
> I would encourage the members of the list to please have a look at the
> continuing discussions at the proposal page for the ASL Wikipedia; a
> number of new issues have been raised since SignWriting community
> people last participated.  In particular, any more detail on proposed
> methods for inputting SignWriting onto the wiki would be very helpful.
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Requests_for_new_languages/ 
> Wikipedia_American_Sign_Language_2
> Just click "edit" to add a comment.  Don't be overly concerned with
> correct alignment of the different threads- I'll correct any
> formatting errors you may accidentally make.

Hello Pharos!
I just posted my message to the link you gave us above.

It was fun posting a message on Wikimedia.org...I hope I did it half  
correctly! ;-))

Val ;-)

Here is a copy of the message I posted....

==== ASL Wikipedia Can Be Setup On The SignPuddle 1.5 Online Site  
Immediately ====

SignPuddle 1.5 is software for SignWriting that has its roots in wiki- 
based programming...

It provides a free-online dictionary and text editor (SignText) for  
SignWriting right now, on the web, where people contribute both  
dictionary-entries of individual signs, and also longer literature  
documents, in an online SignPuddle Community...

SignPuddle Online

ASL Dictionary Online in SignPuddle 1.5

ASL Literature Online in SignPuddle 1.5

I strongly suggest that we start a Wikipedia-Puddle for ASL on our  
SignPuddle 1.5 site, using our current software exactly as it  
is...This would mean that we could start the ASL translations of  
Wikipedia articles as early as tomorrow, if we have volunteers to do  
the writing and permission from Wikimedia of course.

To create the ASL documents and dictionaries for Wikipedia, authors  
would be required to go to our SignPuddle 1.5 site to prepare the  
documents and dictionary entries. Perhaps they could click on a  
special link in Wikipedia that would take them to our Wikipedia- 
Puddle on the SignPuddle 1.5 site, to do the SignWriting data entry...

This way, we could get started immediately without doing any extra  
programming...we can even upload video connected with the documents  
on our SignPuddle site, and the Wikipedia site could choose to load  
those on their site or not, or just link to the Wikipedia-SignPuddle- 
ASL site on our server.

The Wikimedia group could possibly transfer the documents from our  
SignPuddle site to the Wikipedia site if they prefer, after they are  
created on SignPuddle...either way would work is my guess...it would  
be easier to just leave everything on our server...and visitors to  
Wikipedia could be directed to the ASL Wikipedia on the SignPuddle  

If Wikimedia wants us to make SignPuddle function directly on the  
Wikipedia site, that would take special programming changes and we  
would have to write a grant together, as two 501c3 non-profit  
organizations, to ask for funds to help pay for the re-programming  
necessary...that would take a year or two no matter what, because it  
takes time to write the grants and get the funding and then do the  
programming...and then start the translations...but i am open on  
starting the grant writing immediately too..

So I personally vote for us creating a special Wikipedia-SignPuddle  
on our SignPuddle site soon...perhaps today...I really mean that...it  
is that simple.

If you agree, we can setup a special Wikipedia-ASL SignPuddle, and  
get started immediately.

We will need volunteers to start the writing, because at this moment  
we have no funding for the project...We are happy to help people  
learn to use the software.

Shall we do this? I look forward to your response!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at SignWriting.org

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