SW captioned video - Receptive or Expressive?

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Fri Apr 13 17:06:50 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
April 13, 2007

Hello Kelly Jo, Antonio Carlos and Stuart!

Great discussion! I personally agree with videos written with  
Receptive SignWriting, only because that was the way I first started  
with SignWriting personally...I was writing from videotape so it was  
natural for me to write exactly as it was signed on the video...that  
was how SignWriting started out and that is why it was Receptive for  
the first decade of SignWriting use...

When the Deaf writers requested the change to Expressive, of course  
my first argument came to mind, that it would no longer work as well  
with videotape transcription...but it was so exciting to see people  
really writing expressively in their own language, that it was clear  
that when not writing from videotape, the Expressive was the way to  

But there is no reason that we could not caption videos in Receptive  
SignWriting...that could be an exception, since it would match the  
captioning with the signing on the video...

Since it is so easy for someone like myself to switch the document  
from Expressive to Receptive, I would suggest that rather than  
creating new software for that process right now, let me teach you  
all how to do it...There are some symbols that are not an exact  
switch...so programming it right now is not necessary and would take  
some experience before we know all the ins and outs...

The way to test this, is if Cherie Wren can help me find the correct  
document that really matches the video of Little Miss Muffet (can you  
point me to it, Cherie?) and if it is already in SignText, then I can  
duplicate that exact document and prepare a Receptive version of it  
and show it to you...I can send it to the List...

Then we will need James Short, or Adam Frost, to help us put it on  
the video again, to see which version we prefer...Recpetive or  

This will be a great experiment!

Val ;-)


On Apr 13, 2007, at 9:41 AM, Stuart Thiessen wrote:

> I wonder ... Valerie and Steve, I am just throwing this off the top  
> of my head, but would it be possible for the change in perspective  
> between expressive and receptive to be computer managed?  For the  
> hands, it would just be a matter of reversing white and black,  
> correct?  What is the impact on other symbols? Is that worth  
> something to explore where we can write things expressively like we  
> prefer for reading, but have a way for the computer to output in  
> receptive mode if needed?
> I can see where signs that are using the top down view would not be  
> able to handle this, but don't we usually have a head symbol that  
> represents the top-down view? The converter that manages the switch  
> in perspectives could ignore signs that incorporate symbols that  
> use the top down view.
> Just an off the top of my head thought. I saw this email and just  
> thought I would throw it out. Perhaps further analysis will show  
> that it is not really possible. If so, oh well. :)
> Stuart

> On Apr 13, 2007, at 11:30, rocha at ATLAS.UCPEL.TCHE.BR wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>>   Just to let you know I think it would be much better to caption the
>> video in the receptive mode. It seems it would be much easier to
>> assimilate the writing to the images.
>>   All the best,
>>   Antônio Carlos
>> P.S.: sometimes I manage to get time to read some messages! :-)


>>> I just watched the video - I love it!!! :-)  I've thought of the
>>> possibility
>>> of SW captioning, but I hadn't gotten as far as actually figuring  
>>> out how
>>> to
>>> do it... it looks great to me!
>>> The only problem I had was when the caption hid one of the  
>>> signer's hands.
>>> Otherwise, it looks good to me.
>>> KJ

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