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I would heartily agree that captioning in receptive would be faster for comparison studies, and much easier to explain to people.  That's how I taught the entire system in the beginning.  What do you see another person doing.  

For particular signs, it became easier to write your own hands, and then that took off, but, for the most part, a mirror image on all directions could be built into a conversion program, and that would really help.

Charles Butler

rocha at ATLAS.UCPEL.TCHE.BR wrote: Hi everybody,

  Just to let you know I think it would be much better to caption the
video in the receptive mode. It seems it would be much easier to
assimilate the writing to the images.

  All the best,

  Antônio Carlos

P.S.: sometimes I manage to get time to read some messages! :-)

> I just watched the video - I love it!!! :-)  I've thought of the
> possibility
> of SW captioning, but I hadn't gotten as far as actually figuring out how
> to
> do it... it looks great to me!
> The only problem I had was when the caption hid one of the signer's hands.
> Otherwise, it looks good to me.
> KJ
>>From: "Valerie Sutton" 
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>>Subject: Re: [sw-l] How do we take a video of ourselves signing?
>>Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 19:03:28 -0700
>>Hello Stuart!
>>Thank you for this suggestion...While we are on this subject of video  on
>>YouTube, I have a confession to make...
>>Cherie, I hope this was ok with you...One of our Board Members, James
>>Short, wants to create videos with SignWriting captions on them, and  I
>>gave him a video that Cherie Wren had given me, to experiment with
>> placing
>>SignWriting captions on a video...the SignWriting is by  Cherie Wren as
>>well...it is Little Miss Muffet
>>Here is the link to this experiment, located on the Harkle.com site,
>> which
>>is run by James Short...it is in James' message below...
>>Here is James' message to me:
>>Hi Valerie-
>>I put this together in about two minutes. The timing may be a little  off
>>and I have to figure out why some captions are smaller than  others, but
>>this only took me about two minutes!
>>http://www.harkle.com/signwriting/ (press the "play triangle" to  start
>>Can you tell I'm excited?
>>Val writing again:
>>To my surprise, when I just went up on YouTUBE to search for
>> SignWriting,
>>I found the Little Miss Muffet video there, without the  captions!
>> Cherie,
>>did you place it on YouTUBE? Or did it get there by  some other means?...
>>I am very sorry if James and my work on the captioning might have  gotten
>>onto YouTUBE somehow by mistake! I hope this was ok with you...
>>The internet scares me a little sometimes...
>>Anyway...thank you, Cherie, for sharing this wonderful video with us...
>>and what do you think of the captioning in SignWriting on videos?
>>Val ;-)
>>On Apr 10, 2007, at 6:42 PM, Stuart Thiessen wrote:
>>>One of the best ways to handle video clips would be for a person to  set
>>>up an account through one of the video online sites (I use  YouTube).
>>> Once
>>>you have an account, you can post video online for  people to see. For
>>>example, I posted my suggestion to YouTube to  give you an idea of what
>>> it
>>>could be like. If you follow this link,  you will see my suggestion on
>>>video: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=F5vOW8rE_BE. Most video online
>>>sites support tagging, so you can  tag it as SignWriting. Then it would
>>> be
>>>easy to find any clips that  discuss SignWriting issues.
>>>On Apr 10, 2007, at 17:53, Valerie Sutton wrote:
>>>>SignWriting List
>>>>April 10, 2007
>>>>Dear SW Listers!
>>>>The SignWriting List is always free for everyone and it is the  best
>>>> way
>>>>to get tech support for your questions. So no matter  what, if you want
>>>>free tech support, please post your question to  the List and then
>>>>someone will answer you!
>>>>It is great if you can post a very short video of you signing one
>>>>sign... to show us what you want to write. It is important to see  what
>>>>we are writing sometimes!
>>>>There are three issues related to posting videos:
>>>>1. They need to be very short, because the List software doesn't  have
>>>>much memory. So we have to be careful to just post a video of  one sign
>>>>at a time. If you have a larger video, you can send it to  me privately
>>>>and then I will post it on our web site temporarily  so we all can go
>>>> to
>>>>a link to view it.
>>>>2. Be sure you have permission to post a video that is of someone
>>>>else...taking the video of yourself would be the best!
>>>>3. But how do we video ourselves doing a sign? Some people know  how to
>>>>do that, but actually I do not...
>>>>I can take a photo of myself with Photo Booth or iChat AV on the
>>>>Macintosh, and I do have a built-in iSight camera, but how do I  video
>>>>tape myself signing? and does anyone know how to do it on  the PC?
>>>>So I hope someone can answer...how would you suggest videotaping
>>>>ourselves signing something?
>>>>Val ;-)
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